Easy as 1-2-3?

Angels come in all shapes and sizes. They come when you least expect but when you need them the most. Today I met my web angel.

“Just follow the 3 easy steps…”.

I should have been alerted right then.

My blog software said it needed to be updated to the latest and greatest. So, I followed those 3 easy steps. Yup. And, then walked out the door to go to my yoga class. (I love my yoga class…but, I’ll tell you about that another time.)

When I returned, I looked at the blog.

Oh No!

“Fatal error… .”

I hate it when I see anything that has the word “fatal” in it. I mean, it sounds so… so…

I tried re-installing the update. Same thing.

At this point, I was starting to think that two years of posts and pictures had found their way to some sort of inaccessible internet limbo.

I started hunting around on the support sites and forums, found what looked to be a likely one and posted a plea for help.

Within minutes, I received a reply from a gracious woman in Arizona.

The short of it is that she was able to save, fix and update everything so I can continue to write to all of you. Whew!

And, the best part?

Her daughter is a pie baker!

Now, is that the power of pie or what!

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    Hooray for random acts of kindness! So glad you didn’t lose all that work, that truly would have been, if not devastating, then utterly depressing for a super duper long time. I do so enjoy seeing your über gorgeous pies.

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